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Michael Boorstein

When I first developed the WristWand more than five years ago, I actually published the stretching routine on our website. The problem, as you noticed, is that the exercise can be done without a WristWand. People were taking a "stick" and trying the stretch. The difficulty was that it put a lot of presure on the joint at the base of the thumb and people were complaining of bone bruises. Without the correct type of padding and thickness the stretch does not feel good. So that is why we do not talk more about the stretch itself. Do feel free to contact us if you would like more information, see the website for contact information.


"The difficulty was that"

The difficulty was that once people saw what the stretch was they didn't need to buy your product and you weren't making any money.

I don't doubt the effectiveness of the exercise. Just the need for the actual "wrist wand".

Beve Bourne

A friend of mine left me a Wrist Wand but no instructions. I cannot find any online. Does that mean I need to make a purchase in order to learn the simple exercises?


I purchased a Wrist Wand after having carpal tunnel surgery on my left wrist and not wanting to have it on my right because of how painful it was. I was looking for alternatives and found Wrist Wand. I think it's great and have been using it since 2003. I buy new ones when the material gets a little slippery.


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