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Your comment 'I make more working from home and setting my own hours than I ever did working for someone else (I work fewer hours too).' sparks an interest. I was injured (paralyzed) and trying to find supplemental income working from home. Are you making money from this blog? Are you doing the same work you did before, but at home now? Thanks!


Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear about your injury.

I make enough from this blog to cover the hosting costs, but it isn't a big money earner. I do have other blogs that make more (check out http://www.problogger.net if that's something you might want to get into; the owner makes oodles from his blogs). Writing is my main source of income, and I'm branching into editing now too. I probably work 5-6 hours a day.


Thanks. Do you have any suggestions on getting into the writing business? I picked up a copy of "The Renegade Writer", and thought about trying freelance writing. I thought my best bet would be to query some trade journals first. Is writersmarket.com the best way to get jobs or break into the business? I appreciate any input you can give.

I've been to problogger. In fact, I believe that's how I found your site originally. Great info there.



i'm using a igesture too and i'd like to know how you are working with it? do you use a wrist/elbow rest, how high is it ? du you use them while pointing on the igesture ?

then i wanted to ask you if you heard about ART (active release therapy) and what you think about it


Hey Mike,

I'm too suffering very badly from RSI.

Glad I've found your great blog! Keep on posting and good luck with your hands!




I just have the iGesture on the keyboard tray beside the keyboard. I don't use wrist rests (at some point, I read that it's better not too anyway; you use more and bigger muscles when you have to keep your hands elevated--sort of like playing the piano--and that puts less pressure on the smaller muscles).

I haven't heard of Active Release Therapy, but I'll look it up when I get a chance and maybe post some thoughts on it.

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