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I use it, and have found it *much* more comfortable than the Evoluent. It is far easier to rest my hand on the Airobic.

Mike Novack

I tried it and found it uncomfortable. After a lot of searching I tried the Perific Mouse. This one seems like a winner. It is the only mouse I found that can be used as both a desktop mouse as well as a vertical mouse.

Stefani Walters

Thanks for the tip on Perific. I had not heard of it until I read your posting. I purchased one at www.buyperific.com. I got it today and absolutely love it. It is worth every penny. I love the fact that I can wear it on my hand while I type.


Hey, sorry if my comment in your last entry came across as spam, I just wanted to give you another link to put on your blogroll (your site is on my link list, BTW).

As far as this entry is concerned, I personally favour the pistol-grip mice. A little easier IMO to adjust to, with the novelty of a gun-shaped mouse!


My CTS pain is becoming more severe and I am thinking of getting the Airobic mouse or Perific mouse. Would anyone be able to tell me whether the Perific is less "painful" to use (click-wise / grip-wise). I tried voice recognition software recently and found it highly frustrating.



I never fell in love with voice recognition software either, but it does get better after using it for a couple weeks. Google flextend if you haven't yet--it's an exercise system to strengthen the hand and wrist muscles for RSI sufferers. I had so-so results with it (definite improvement but my hands still aren't as good as new), but others have sworn by it.

Tom Henry

As a practicing Ergonomist I have had the occasion to see a number of individuals suffering with the symptoms of CTS - I have recommended the Evoluent mouse and have seen these problems dissapear within a short period of time. It appears that holding the hand in a pistol grip fashion relieves the tension in the wrist and allows for relief on the median nerve.


Ergonomic gadgets are fine (though expensive) but it's always better to see your doctor, just for the case...

Kevin Labick

I found the Perific to be the superior choice. It allows multiple postures where the eQuill only supports a vertical posture. The Perific is like 4 mice in 1.


I've had a problem with de-quervains for several years - tenosynovitis for your thumbs. As a result I'm not keen on mice with trackballs (thumb has to roll the ball) Looks like the Perific uses a trackball when in vertical "mode"? I'm going to try the quill mouse anyway, hope it works out!


awesome mouse. takes a bit of getting used to.. but along with elbow strap. its the best vertical mouse out there. i have a small hand , i can not use a regular mouse, so this is the only thing that allows me to use mouse. well worth every penny i agree. we find what works, and doesnt cause further damage,, and we use it. amazing product. the clickless software is amazing when surfing the net too. it allows you to .. with mimimal clicking of the mouse.
cheers. less pain , more gain.


I found this blog looking for an ergonomic mouse. I'd love to hear updates from anyone who has used these. Perific is discontinued and I am debating between Evoluent and the Quill....????


I have been using the Quill Mouse for about a year. It allowed my RSIs in my wrist and shoulder to heal. The problem with them is that they do not last long. Nine months is about the lifespan. They have a 2 year warrantee but just try to find out how to get it replaced.

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