Stephanie Spradling

Hi, I have had my own home office for years. I have had neck problems, eye soreness, RSI etc. I was given a hand me down desk from a friend. It is adjustable. I can compute much longer. I can move the dek up nad my chair up., Just all the different positions I am able to get into helps so much. I am just saying....look for an adjustable desk. Mine happens to be from Mayline and it has a crank style handle to adjust. My price was right (FREE!) but would certainly pay $500-700.00 to achieve this outcome. Thanks for listening.

Rafael Encarnacion

I am very interested in guest blogging. Are there any particular topics you would like covered?

I am part of LabTech Seating, a manufacturer of ergonomic chairs and stools. We primarily cater to the industrial, laboratory, and medical industries.

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