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Dalit Ban Tovim

I actually set on one of those workstations, not the one in the picture but a similar one.
It was not as comfortable as I thought it would be.
Even at its lowest point the screen was too high for me and in a few minutes my neck started to ache, the keyboard and mouse tray were hard to adjust, and the positioning of my feet felt very unnatural for me.
So it is good to feel the zero gritty sensation from time to time but I really don't think it is the right way to spend a full day at the office.

Heavy Duty Office Chairs

The Gravitonus - It seems functionality is not the most important element of an office chair any more... :)


I wonder how you will get in and out;-) Looks like if you finally managed to get in you will likely spent a lot of time in there. Frequently getting up from your chair seems the healthier way to go. But i want to try one too, and feel like i am the captain of a spaceship!

Sharon Stevens

The feel of this Gravitonus Chair would seem like sitting in some space shuttle. Ofcourse it would be excellent for ergonomics.


wow it's cool I like it, hehe, But it's too expensive

Wendy B.

That chair is wild. Maybe when I make more money I will be able to buy one...man that is cool

Heidi Marsden

Can't they somehow build something more compact? I like it but the design is space consuming...

Lisa Peet

Its a high-tech ergonomic chair, would love to experience it.

Cyrus Seno

The ergonomic chair you showed is a good thing. It is right that the ergonomic chair is a high technology. And I like also the other ergonomic chairs such as Ergonomic Drafting Chair.


This just seems like overkill. I think we should find ways to spend less time in front of the computer rather than find solutions to let us sit for long periods of time. Cool "gadget" but doesn't seem practical for the real world....I would try one though ;)


I feel like I want to go into battle with this chair!


Really love your post. Always great to see new ergonomic products.

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