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Macspeech Dictate works very nicely and it's based on the recognition engine from Dragon.


Yep, I use voice recognition software everyday, and this post was dictated in my car;


I couldn't do my job without using speech recognition applications.

Have you tried Mac Dictate yet!?

Lisa Peet

Thats very true that you speak faster than you type, this software will make a lot of difference.

Virginia Ripple

Love this post! I've been struggling with the Windows 7 Speech Recognition Software (and my own feelings of wierdness despite being raised on ST) for a couple of days. I wondered how much time I could justify dictating three or four words, stopping to correct, then dictating a few more before I should just say enough! Glad to have a rough time line for trial. Also, thanks for the idea of selling a used copy of Dragon. I've been considering buying that, but wasn't sure it was worth the price when I have Win7 SRS.

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