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For about 2 months now I've noticed that I get all these non-raised white spots on the palms of my hands, especially when they are hanging slack at my side. Within the last 3-4 days my left arm is very tingly, starting at the elbow and going down to my fingertips. My upper arm feels normal. The area that hurts most is the underside of my forearm, about 1/3 to 1/2 way down. I also have noticed that the white spots are on my fingers now and even the backs of my hands and a couple on my forearms. They show up and then fade away. I'm only 28, an occasional drinker and a LIGHT smoker. I'm a little overweight and I don't get much exercise but this still freaks me out all the same. I do spend a lot of time on the computer and I also have a job that require me crimping wires, assembling small motors, etc. all day long. Even as I type right now I can feel pins and needles prickling the top of my hand, mostly around my index finger and thumb. Sometimes it almost feels itchy. What could this be?

Truth About Abs

wow, I didn't realize that B12 deficiency could really cause all that trouble. I don't really take any supplements so I'd better watch my diet really carefully to make sure I'm getting all the B12 I need. thanks very much for an eye-opening post. cheers.

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