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Ola Lindberg

I have used Workrave (a free work reminder program) for years. At first I was a bit annoyed when it prompted me to take breaks but when getting used to it I feel less stressed and more structured when I take breaks often.

I currently have it set up the following way; every 5 minutes a 30 second break and every 30 minutes a 5 minutes break.

If you are hesitant run it for a couple of weeks and try!

George Bailey

You are right, when you get immersed in something, time just vaporizes somehow. The hourly chime on my wristwatch has now become invisible it seems - I don't even hear it anymore, so I'll try one of the software solutions to break up time. Thanks!


Great tips! I'm at my computer desk/computer so much, that sometimes it feels normal to be sitting for the majority of the day! It's not good for my health at all, and now I am going to take a break every 15 minutes or so. Thanks for sharing!


You can get Worksafe Sam from WCB of British Columbia off their website - it's another free program.

You can google it, or I have posted a link here: http://www.ergo-motion.com/worksafe-sam-stretch-prompter/

Carpal Tunnel Freedom

I find it amazing how many people are afraid to take breaks and block their "work flow". One of my biggest points I give during my Workshops is taking frequent breaks to lesson the damage to the wrists, and ultimately be more productive during the day. Here is a link for a quick and easy wrist workout.


To the above commenter, the thing is, that does happen. If I take breaks I tend to lose my mojo, so to speak, and its way hard for me to get back to work. If I'm just straight up working, though, I can plow through for hours on end.


Taking breaks is very crucial during the entire day in front of the desktop. And it is proven by many people. Eyes feel more relaxed, muscles also, there is no pain in any human organ at the EOD, if you take brakes and do some exercises about each half an hour.


One of the best ways to eliminate these problems is to alternate between standing and sitting while you work. You are effectively "Taking a break" while continueing to work.

Lisa Peet

Thanks for the useful tips, computer yoga seems to be interesting.

Ergo Desktop

Taking breaks, alternate between standing and sitting, find a great chair and BREATH !!!! We seem to pay more attention to the health of our automobiles than we do ourselves. We have one body, one mind, treat them both with the respect they deserve and you will be so happy that you did as you age.

Hector Bolanos

Another resource you could consider is "Stillness Buddy". A user licence needs to be paid after the 14-day free trial, but the software is much more sophisticated than free break reminders and can be customised in different ways. Google it and take the 14 day free trial if you are interested!

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