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Lately I've become a big believer in vertical keyboards like the Safetype that make it all but impossible to put yourself in dangerous positions such as extension and ulnar deviation. Not to mention there's just no other way to avoid the shoulder tension you get from keeping your forearms in the rotated position (switching to a vertical mouse has done a lot to help my shoulder as well).

That said, there are certainly methods such as your guidelines that can reduce a lot of tension. Of course they require typers to remain vigilant about what they are doing.

One of the other bad positions I frequently find myself and others in my office in with a regular keyboard is left hand on the keyboard and right hand on the mouse. Which puts the keyboard off center and means that once you start typing you've got both arms off to the left. That's another reason why I like the Safetype though, because it gets the keypad out of the way of the mouse and allows you to keep the keyboard centered. Though you could get similar results with keyboards like the Evoluent ones with the keypad off to the left.


I agree keeping the keyboard centered is important, but also total overall posture is important too. Keeping the elbows low and shoulders relaxed makes it easier to support the hands for typing longer periods of time.
I developed pains in the wrist from mousing so much, so when the Humanscale rep brought by the switch mouse, I was immediately impressed. You rest the weight of the hand on the whole mouse, so you can't set the heel of the palm anywhere. This causes you to use the major muscles of the arm for mousing rather than just the wrist. It's tough getting used to, but worth it, my wrist pain is gone!

J. Wood

Ultimatebackstore.com has some really nice ergonomic accessories that I just loved trying out at my office. You can really tell the difference between an ergonomic keyboard and a non.


I've been using the GoldTouch split keyboard for years now. I found it on Ebay for 50 bucks, which was half the price as any ergo supply site. It seems very similar in design to this Kinesis keyboard that you've pictured. I was wondering if you know if the Kinesis has any advantages over the GoldTouch?

Lisa Peet

Great tips ! Thanks for sharing

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