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I find the erase head pointer on my Thinkpad to be quite ergonomic. Its right there in the center of the keyboard and takes little to no effort to use. Much better than reaching for an external mouse or trackball.

But I also have a Macbook as well. I hated touchpads until then. 2 finger double click and 2 finger scroll really make it a please to use.


You can get a sneak preview of the resolution independence feature that will someday allow you to scale the whole interface up in size without losing quality.


Apple has definitely won me over too when it comes to laptops.

Since you've already tried simply adjusting the resolution and font size to unsatisfactory results, I'm afraid there is not much you may be able to do about screen quality. Digital displays are designed for a specific display resolution, which unfortunately means that screen quality will suffer if you change the resolution.


Hi, I must just recommend a FireFox extensions that enables you to save the text size you want for certain domains.

It's called No Squint and is available from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2592

Tim Keating

You can adjust font and icon sizes within the OS without changing the res, which I would recommend.

As far as breaking web pages by scaling up the font to a readable size, I use Firefox 3, which lets you scale just the text, without changing the layout.


Great, thanks for the font fix recommendations, guys. I'll check them out tomorrow!


I wish more people did these kind of reviews. I'm using a Dell 1520 now that has my thumb aching.


Does anyone find the front edge of the computer where your hands/arms rest, very sharp? How hard would it have been to round the edge a bit? Other brands feel much more comfortable. I have grooves in my palms and I've only been squinting on this new computer for about a week.

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