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Well, I've mainly enjoyed the product reviews before. Other tips and tricks would be helpful too.


Hi, I'm having some RSI issues and are always keen to see other peoples solutions to having a work by the computer.

I would therefore like to see ideas about how you manage/managed to solve your issues and change your computer habits to make it possible to continue working.

Ideas around optimal (existing or non existing) hardware (keyboards, chairs, desks...) or software would also be really interesting.


Other success stories.


Just a personal preference, I'd love to see you review ergonomic chairs... When I do google searches, I find an infinite number of sites selling ergonomic chairs, but there's not so much good information on what styles are right for what kind of people, or straight up reviews of what works and what doesn't, and why.


you van't go wrong with lots of product reviews, medical info, and maybe a discussion forum. The turf you're covering is so varied that you could never cover it all, but if you had a forum, people could yak about chairs, keyboards, and mice all day long. By the way, typematrix dvorak keyboards solved my problem, and I paired it with a gyration mouse.

Jake Devine

I'd also like to see product reviews. And I second what Ola said - what do you do differently from day to day that makes it easier for you to work now? Has it become second nature or do you have to think about everything?



Thanks for the comments, everyone! Product reviews seems to be a big one so I'll have to see if I can find some companies willing to let me try some of their products without having to buy everything. :)

Those ergonomic chairs are expensive, hah!

Brian Bentow

I have recently launched a book called The Computer Athlete's Handbook : Your Guide to a Healthier, Happier Techy Lifestyle. Do you want to review it?


David James

I'd love to see more reviews on ergonomic products. It gets a bit sketchy for me when purchasing expensive ergonomic products that don't have any reviews about them. Also I'd love to see any CTS exercises that may of helped you and other individuals.

Amy Hengst

Hi, I'm another blogger covering RSI related topics. I write about all of the treatments and info I have learned for RSIs in general, with my own experience, mainly with some epicondylitis, trigger point pain issues and thoracic outlet syndrome issues. I'd be happy for you to read along and feel free to link to any of my articles, if you think it would help your readers.

I would be interested to hear more about ways to help someone with CTS, and identify alternative diagnoses or causes. My mother's coping with CTS, but she's not a computer user, and I'm trying to help her find alternatives to surgery.


Product reviews of course, but maybe some hacks as well when you can't afford the preferred solution.

David Kahl

I really like the product reviews. Any chance of a review of the HAG Capisco chair. Here is a link to one:


Maybe they will give it to you for free???

Thanks for the great site,


Brian White


Something wrong with everyone's ergo diagrams is that most office chair armrests are further apart than most people's arms. Looks OK theoretically side-on but not in Plan View.

So what I did was bolt two black VHS video cases covered in thick foam at appropriate heights onto the armrests of my gas lift chair to extend the arm rest supports

and put the monitor on three phone books in a box for better head weight/muscle balance.

This in addition to regular tractional shoulder stretches etc.

There’s no way that absolute huge numbers of people aren’t having PC ergo problems but follow status quo and rely on panadol etc. like lots of sheep.

What do you think?


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