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Ilya Varnayev


I would be interested in ruling out food allergies as being the cause of my RSI. What test did you get done?

Please post in the comments if you can, the e-mail that I provided of this post is very rarely checked.


I'll just cut and paste a description of the test. You could ask your general doctor about it, but you can also go to an allergy specialist.

Formal name: Allergen-specific IgE antibody test
Also known as: RAST test, Allergy screen

"The allergen-specific IgE antibody test is done to screen for an allergy (a type I hypersensitivity) to a specific substance or substances when a patient presents with acute or chronic allergy-like symptoms.

The allergen-specific IgE antibody test may be done (instead of other medically supervised allergy testing) when the patient has significant dermatitis or eczema (also a sign of allergies), is taking necessary histamines or anti-depressants that would make other testing more difficult, or if a dangerous allergic reaction could be expected to follow another test.

The allergen-specific IgE antibody test may also be done to monitor immunotherapy or to see if a child has outgrown an allergy, although it can only be used in a general way; the level of IgE present does not correlate to the severity of an allergic reaction, and someone who has outgrown an allergy may have a positive IgE for many years afterward."

All they do is draw a sample of blood and send it off to be tested, so it's pretty painless on your part.


I've had severe RSI problems for over a year and a half and issues with wheat/gluten intolerence for nearly five years. I read your blog last week and immediately cut out my daily hot cross bun and other wheat products and have noticed a substantial difference... thanks a million!

Cristin McKee

This is very very interesting (and I'm quite happy for you solving your RSI troubles!). Could you let us know how long it took for the symptoms to clear up once you changed your diet? Thanks!

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