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Justin Butler

I'm immensely curious- how's this holding up for you?

I'm teetering on the edge of buying an AG-5 myself, the big question for me is trackball comfort. It looks like the AG-5 trackball is a bit out of reach to use for long periods of time or while also typing. Does being desk-free make up for a little extra thumb workout?

Rebecca O'Connell

I had one of these, and while it might work well for a gamer, it does not work well for someone with RSI. Its main problem is that it does not levitate, and there is nowhere to really hold the device. Because of this, you have to keep your hands tense while using it. Plus, the learning curve is rather steep.


Thanks for the review, Rebecca. I did figure it'd be more gimmicky (or like you said, just for gamers) than efficient, but I'm a sucker for weird looking keyboards, so I had to mention it. :)

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