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I've never heard of food allergies being the cause for computing discomfort. Maybe this information can help some people I know.


Hi... I just HAD to comment on this. I am a medical transcriptionist (and craftsperson and yoga teacher) who has had CTS for about 1 1/2 years along with more-than-niggling symptoms of some sort of undetected SOMEthing... nasty stomach issues... for years. After some happenstance and food logging, I'm realizing it's gluten. I'm vegan, so it isn't dairy ;-)

You know what an RSI does to a person's life.

So.... knowing a thing or two about alternative medicine and having utter disdain for the allopathic community, I started searching the web. To see your post was SO encouraging. I'm starting a gluten-free diet today and might increase my B6.

Best of luck to you, and I hope your recovery is lasting! THANK YOU for writing this blog post. Please feel free to contact me.


Did you go to a traditional doctor for diagnosis or an alternative practitioner? If the latter, what kind? Thank you.

Jason Price

Wow, surely that can't be true! I know intolerances can cause a lot of things, but I've never known them to cause RSI. I've been working with PC's for well over 10 years now (more like 14), and am starting to suffer RSI in my wrist really badly. I'm sure this is more to do with how I'm using the mouse. I'm thinking that maybe a tracker ball would be better.


Thanks for sharing this - it sounds eerily familiar as we seem to have shared many symptoms. Can you recommend a particular type of blood test? I believe there are several.


We'd be grateful for any links you found helpful!

Safe Computing Tips

This is something interesting to me...I have to Google now to study more info..




The inflammatory response caused by food allergies and sensitives would contribute to symptoms such as an RSI, though certainly wouldn't be the first diagnosis one would think of. So wonderful that you got a clear diagnosis, but unfortunate that it took so long.


It's now April 2008. Just wondering how your RSI is going these days?

Also, did you in the past work out at the gym? Maybe doing bench press exercises frequently?



Thanks for the comments all. Yes, my hands are still doing well today. I can actually tell that it's definitely the allergies because if I "cheat" a bit (especially with the gluten) for a few days, some of the soreness will come back. But if I'm good with my diet for the most part, the hands are pretty much a non-issue now. :)

Good luck to everyone who is experiencing these RSI symptoms and looking for the reason behind them!

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