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How would you compare the kneeling chair to a more standard chair? I have been looking for a new chair and am looking for more insight.

I have really liked what I saw at www.ergo4me.com. They sell the BodyBilt chair, but this kneeling chair looks interesting.


It's definitely a different way of sitting than with your typical office chair. I'm not sure myself how I'd like it for a 12 hour period, as it doesn't have any back support, and that's sort of my problem area (the muscles behind my shoulders always get knotted up if I sit and work in hard wooden chairs (i.e. at the library) or something a little awkward). Since all ergonomic chairs tend to be pricy, my biggest recommendation would be to find some place where you can try before you buy or experiment with a couple different chairs in a showroom at least. There are office stores that specialize in ergonomic equipment. Hopefully you can find something local.


Hi Ergoblog

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Perry North

Having worked on a computer for years and suffered ALL the repetitive stress injuries, I invented this chair.

We will be entering Phase II development in May and have a product ready for market by the end of '07. I'm looking for some feedback.


hi ergoblogger (also perry, who said he was looking for feedback), I had a kneeling chair about 15 years ago. I found it comfortable for my back but incredibly uncomfortable for my knees -- since the effect was to drive a large amount of weight through my knees. I hope this chair somehow improves on that.

As a student and writer I've spent a lot of time typing, and I feel like I've tried every single ergonomic setup on the market. The two best chair setups I've found for myself are these:

1) for using a laptop, sitting back in a very low slung armless easy chair like the ikea oppala (http://www.dumabyt.cz/image-cache/max-250x150/23199-image) works well... it puts my arms in a very natural position with no strain and puts the screen up in a comfortable height for my eyes.

2) For using a desktop, I'm a fan of using an exercise ball. I searched back through this blog to see if there were any comments about exercise balls as chairs, and I found at least one doubting comment, based on a difficult first day and lack of back support. I'll respond with my own experience here..

The first day can be very hard, because you are getting a lot of exercise from just sitting on the ball. It would make sense to work slowly up to a whole day over a course of 1 or 2 weeks.

Once you get to a whole day, though, you'll see the magic of NOT having back support... indeed, not having support is the whole idea of using the ball. The unstable nature of the thing makes you put your legs wide and use them to move around and adjust yourself all the time. It sounds annoying but it soon becomes unconscious. At the end of the day you don't feel stiff... because you've been moving your legs and torso instead of fixing yourself in place.

With that experience, I am confused about the invention of the "ball chair." This seems like a bad idea, since it's the inherent mobility and unstability of the ball that makes it work.. a ball chair seems to defeat that?

For me another important aspect of typing comfort is having the keyboard at a truly natural angle that doesn't put strain on my shoulders or wrists. This is much lower than a conventional keyboard drawer. I had a friend make a little keyboard shelf with a padded bottom that I could hold on my knees easily so my arms could be in a very relaxed position. Using that thing with the exercise ball is kind of wacky -- it's all very unstable and hard to answer the phone -- but it's super comfortable.. I can do hours straight and not feel it at all when I get up.

Hope this comment helps somebody!

Ergonomic Office Chairs, there great

With the importance of ergonomic seating in the office or workplace being more commonly understood different manufacturers seem to have reached new boundaries in the design of what can be sometimes weird and wonderful.
The saddle stool and the sway chair have taken my eye for there innervation design, but nothing can take away the design excellence and functionality of the kneeling stool, a oldie but still a goodie, at the end of the day as long as these products provide a benefit to the end user i don't think it matters what you chose, as long as it improves the discomfort of a bad back

Ergonomic Chair

Make sure your ergonomic chairs fit your collegues work style. The new ergonomic office furniture on the market these days is very functional. Our branch productivity has increased multifold after I purchased new desks and ergonomic. With new office furniture I have found the transition from working at the main office to a branch office has become easier. The staff has also become more productive. There are many places to buy online. I found the quality and value of the office furniture you can get to be above my expectations. Check them out if you get the opportunity.


Great review! I was looking all over the web for a real person's thoughts on kneeling chairs, and I'm glad I ran across this. Linked this post and added you to my blogroll.

Ergonomische stoel

Any experiences with those chair?


Ben Lorey

I was looking into buying one because i dont like the way my spine bends in a normal chair, i was convinced to buy one but then i read that it is not recomended for long periods of use, just wondering what that means exactaly. i wont be spending more than 5h on/off a day so i want to know if its a good chair for me.




There are just tons of options out there these days for ergonomic chairs. I think the best thing you can do is see if there is a store in your area that specializes in them and lets you try different models. I know there is a place in my home town that even lets you "rent" chairs and ergonomic keyboards and such so you can take them home and try them out for a few days.

In lieu of that, at least make sure you order from someplace with a return policy. ;) I personally use the Herman Miller Aeron, and I've had it for four or five years now, and it's one of the best investments I've made. It's the first chair I've had that I can sit in for hours and hours without getting uncomfortable.

It is more expensive than the Jobri though, so it depends on what you want to spend.

David James

I honestly don't see how this is ergonomically correct. There is no back support and I'm assuming that the weight that you put on your knees will result in your legs falling asleep, but I could be wrong. People suffer from all types of Repetitive Strain Injuries, so I'm sure that this chair would be good for certain individuals. Also, I'd be afraid of falling off this thing! HAHA!

John Harley

I just read Perry's comment amount using an exercise ball, and looked at the $200 ball chair. So I tried out a simple solution - stick a $35 exercise ball on top of a 9" high mop bucket. The bucket was for height, but I like the effect. The ball is not tightly inflated, so it still moves quite a bit. You will fall off if you take your feet off the floor. But its not as wobbly as the ball by itself. Surprisingly comfortable and an immediate relief from sitting on the office chairs we have.

The aesthetics are okay (depends on the bucket), and you can still use the exercise ball as an exercise ball.

James Stroud

I have a kneeling chair and it is the bom! I can work for 12 hours straight on it with no problems. I'm athletic and in fabulous shape, but a lifetime of athletics has left me with a bad back, bad ankle, and bad knees. While my ankles and knees could feel better in my particular $89 model, my back feels awesome. If I sit in it for 1 hour per day its like a chiropractor visit and my back aligns just from sitting there. I do a stretch after I sit in it and everything aligns. Also, one of the huge benefits is proper breathing. Normal chairs are hell on your oxygen flow but a kneeling chair opens up your diaphragm and lets you breathe correctly. Unless you have a medical condition that absolutely prevents it, toss your normal chair and get a kneeling chair. Sitting in one makes you feel better.

James Stroud

I need to add that I tried an exercise ball for a while. These can work, but you need to get one that is oversized and sit on the front of it, to maintain your hip orientation as in a kneeling chair. ***You want your hips higher than your knees!*** It takes a while to get strong enough to sit like this, but once you do, you will find sitting in normal chair suncomfortable and constraining--which they are, ergonomically speaking. I didn't realize the importance of an oversized ball, so I tried one that was too small. As a result, my knees got a little higher than my hips and it put a lot of pressure on my lumbar vertebrae. You absolutely want to avoid this situation. Its tantamount to leaning forward on a normal chair--its very undesirable and will exaggerate your back problems. That is why kneeling chairs work well--they are fixed and once you get them adjusted, will help you sit correctly every time.

Kyle Higgins

I have used a kneeling chair for many years now. I bought a HAG Balans chair in 1991 and it has lasted me for 17 years without one issue. It is more expensive than the other kneeling chairs out ther, but it's built like a tank and may last longer than I do.

It has a 10 year guarantee, except the lift which is guaranteed for life.

Kneeling Chair

I have used a kneeling chair for years too, was lucky to pick one up at a garage sale. It does help your posture and keeps you alert, as they say, if your spine is alert, then your mind is too!

It recently broke though, will be buying a new one.

Much better than an ordinary chair, although I like to switch between the two, to get some variety throughout the day.

Luanne Perrera

Love my kneeling chair. It does take some getting used to especially if you have little core strength (like me)but when you do get used to it you wonder how you ever sat in a traditional chair. I have the original by Varier (formerly Stokke. Another benefit is that it disappears under my desk which is great as my desk is in our family room so it doesn't take up any space. Worth the money. It is very high quality and will last for years.

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