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Mohammadreza Mirgholami

Hi Dear ser/Madam
I am an occupational hygiene specialist in iran .
I saw your good blog by searh .
this is nice blog .
i work at automotive industry and my speciality is ERGONOMICS.
the managers of this factory understanding benefit of ergonomics step by step by me .
wher are you from and what is your study and education ?

Peggy Ross

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I am Rahul. i have some problem related to wrist pain i am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.one of my friends who is also suferred from this two months ago but now he is fine said me to try gripstik.
he said that he is all fine now by using that machine. please help me in telling that is it good for my wrist chekc it out at

computer ergonomics

I have had the privilege to try out this keyboard and it does deserve the top pick. I have wrist pain when at work, because I'm online 24/7. I tried this out and it has done me wonders. 5 Star Rating, thanks Adesso!

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