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I have Ulcerative Colitis, an irritable bowel disease, and have found that a diet called "The Specific Carbohydrate Diet" has helped me immensely. You can find more information about it at scdiet.org. Irritable bowel diseases can cause joint pain also. Have you been to a gastroenterologist?


Just some advice from a french nutritionist. You should be very cautious with eggs, never eat whole eggs omelettes and stuff like that. Cakes with not a lot of eggs inside are ok. As for dairy products you should avoid milk at all cost, ice cream is pretty bad too. Dairy products with bacterial agents (yogourt, sour cream etc...) and butter are ok in very small amounts. Gluten is not that bad compared to eggs and dairy products, eat some with other foods like vegetables and you should be ok. I would recommend drinking tomato juice, one cup a day for about 3 months and you could see very good results.


Hey, thanks for the link Tommy. I'd heard of the caveman diet but not the SCD one (which isn't quite as restrictive). I ordered Elaine's book, and I'm goning to give it a try. I'm already gluten and dairy free, so I've gotten pretty used to cutting things out.


Sorry to hear about your food allergies. I was on a holistic diet once and eliminated many things from my diet, it's not easy. I spent about 3 hours at Whole Foods the first time and it almost felt like I could eat barely anything. But you will alternative foods you like (or get used to)


Hi, there. Just found you on a search for SCD. I have/had ulcerative colitis due to C.Diff toxin. I'd been GFCF for a year, but the Specific Carbohydrate diet, along with some whole food supplements have really made the biggest improvement to my health. Did you end up trying it? How did it work out? Please visit me at nuttymeatfruit! :^)

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