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Chris the Ergonaut

Keeping your monitor at arm's length is outdated information. It is much better to place it as far away from you as you can comfortably read. You can read more about a healthy workstation here: http://ergonomics.about.com/od/office/ss/computer_setup.htm


User education in ergonomics and improvements in general working practices can go along way towards a healthier society.



I want this picture, but the link you have provided its jus not opening. It says run time error every single time. Help..

New link

Here's a new link for a similar picture:


David James

Also try to remember, when you’re typing, are your wrists straight? If you’re dropping your wrists when typing, then be sure to use a wrist rest along the front edge of the keyboard. Make sure that the wrist rest isn’t cutting off the circulation to your hands too. If needed, be sure to adjust the feet of the keyboard to keep your wrists positioned correctly.

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