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could you please answer my question in my comment to you last post "checking in "?



Okay. ;)


Hi, Your situation sounds very similar to mine. Food allergies, joint pains, muscle pains, nail discoloration etc. Contact me to chat about it..

joint pain

Very true,I have seen many of cases in which persons having a deficiency of Vitamins,proteins and all nutritions are looks like feeble.


I have vertical ridges on my nails. I also eat healthy and take vitamins every day. What did your doctor say you were deficient in?


Adria, if I call correctly it was a sign of deficiency of the B vitamins. But I also read a couple spots on the web that said it could indicate iron deficiency as well.


Thanks. I think it might be iron too.


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John Hansen

I am a weightliter of 72 years. I've done it all my life.

IN the last few months to a year I have developed a constant arthritic pain in my right shouder, elbow and right arm and hand.

It's not excruciating but always there.

I haven't been taking viatmina lately but will start with b5 and b12.


John Hansen


I have had chronic back pain due to a herniated disk and degenerative disk disease for about 15 years now. I also have had shoulder pain for about two years due to an injury. My pain is always there, most of the time ignorable, some of the time intolerable. During the intolerable times, I take narcotics: pain killers and muscle relaxers. Not a lot mind you, but the amount I need has slowly increased over the years. Physical therapy, exercise, stretching, a ridiculous number of hot baths, and deep tissue massage also help to alleviate the worst symptoms, but the pain always returns.

My father, who is in his 70's and is althetic like he is still in his 30's, recommend the Dr. Max Power Joint Support with Vitamin B12 - its glucosamine and MSM supplement. I was shocked. In two weeks I was literally pain free, for the first time in years. My back feels better than it has since 1995. The pain is non-existent, and what little there occasionally is resolves with a little stretching. My shoulder, while still clearly injured, has significantly less pain and a vastly increased range of motion. I no longer scream when I pick up the milk jug or my three year old daughter. Overall, I feel better and am in a much sunnier mood.

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