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Frank Reiff


Reading your post, I recognize a lot of my own attempts of finding the perfect ergonomic fit:

I've used a Kinesis Ergo since 1998, acquired a TouchStream which didn't work for me (how are you supposed to touch type if you can't feel the keys) and finally settled for the excellent iGesture trackpad just before they went out of business.. hhmmm..

At work I know use a TypeMatrix EZ2030 which is much cheaper than the Kinesis, but is sufficiently similar to allow for an easy transition.

I have reviewed the 2030 on my own ergo blog at:


It is a good idea to "share" your time between two keyboards, so you don't use exactly the same muscles all the time.

Finally, having found no great break timers, I wrote my own in 1998 called MacBreakZ (Mac-only), which I'm now significantly upgrading with a version 4.

There is a PC version that is called "ergonomix":


If you want to review I'd by happy to provide you with a freeby.

Since I've enjoyed reading your blog, I have taken the liberty to link to it on my blog roll.

Take care.

Best regards,


Matthew Balint

Re: your latest posting about having a food allergy (gluten)is very interesting. I am currently developing a sit on ergonomics & nutrition, they are one in the same as you have probably have noticed. I am trying to do research on nutrition & the human factors in the work place. Could you please elaborate on your situation with your food allergy & how your RSI & other work ailments improved. Any information on your personal experience is greatly appreciated.

Matt .B

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