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Hey, I just found your blog. The ranks of ergonomists are rather thin in the science blogosphere, so I've started up my own blog called The Industrial Athlete early last week. It's still in its infancy, so be nice with regards to criticism :P

I will be adding your link to my blog, keep up the good work!


Stumbled across this blog entry while searching for something else...and just wanted to add my two cents! :-)

I found a local "unfinished furniture shop" that also does custom furniture (mostly pine--but that's okay by me!), and I had almost all my furniture custom-made for my teacup-sized apartment, for practically nothing. My desk was a stroke of genius! I needed it to be both small--but able to hold lots of stuff...I needed to be able to add my HumanScale keyboard tray to it, but also to have a place for me to be able to put my Wacom tablet... I'm a techie, and wanted my PC hidden, but easy for me to get to the back of, whenever I needed to check cables, etc...wantd my printer and scanner out of sight, but easy to reach when I needed them...room for large, dual LCDs...filing cabinets, and since space was at a premium, I also wanted to be able to pull out an extension that I could use for additional workspace, or to put a sewing machine on, when the need arose!

I took exact measurements...decided the heights I wanted everything at...where I needed pull out shelves...then sketched up a teeny tiny gem, that incorporated everything I wanted, and would still fit in my itsy bitsy space. Two weeks after I took in the sketches--I had it sitting in my bedroom...and after two days of finishing and painting--I had a dream desk! :-)

Everytime I turn on my PC, I pat myself on the back, because the "on" button doesn't require any stretching or reaching, for me to hit it...and everytime I need to work on the back of my PC...and can do it by pulling out a shelf on smooth as glass castors--and sit in an office chair, while working on it, without moving it--I congratulate myself again! :-)

All of which is a long-winded way of saying, "Go for it!!!!" :-) If you put enough thought into it--you'll get JUST what you want--and can really make a difference in your workflow! :-)


I just finished my custom desk. I made it with those shelf kits you can get at the Container Store, plus some Home Depot parts and wood. It's very flexible, so I can stand, sit, and have a mostly ergonomic setup wherever I want to work. Plus it only cost about $100.

Bernard Roy

I'm an Industrial Designer and Woodworker who is developing a series of REALLY comfortable computers workstations to suit a variety of users.I am not very internet savvy, but nonetheless would very much like to hear of your needs and expectations, and to send you images of my systems. Please feel free to contact me at the above address; someone IS working on a solution...

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