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The Carpal Solution works for over 95% of CTS sufferers that try it. There is a money back guarantee so go ahead and make the plunge and try it. You were looking for independent verification. Below is a link to an independent testimonial from a web portal for CTS sufferers called CTS Place. Check it out.

Most people see relief in less than a week. There are more testimonials on www.mycarpaltunnel.com and on www.handhealth.info. These are real users several from computer programers who use the computer all day long as part of their job. One said, she could not continue doing her job without the Carpal Solution. RSI is the sweet spot for the Carpal Solution. There are some complications for which it might not work, but RSI is not one of them. It is simple non-invasive and fits nicely with an active life style. Give it a try. We will watch for your review.

Good Luck with your Carpal Tunnel Isssues.




I have read many very good suggestions about ways to reduce the strain caused by typing. Ergonomic and medically oriented solutions are fine and too often necessary. However they don’t get to the root of the problem. The root problem being that the volume of information being typed is increasing dramatically yet no effective solution to addressing this issue has yet come forth.

I think, however, that an innovative approach is needed to deal with these issues.

I would offer that the only way to strike at the heart of the problem is to greatly reduce the number of keystokes required to produce any level of output. More bang for each keypress.

We all are familiar with abbreviations such as ‘tv’ for ‘television’, ‘ea’ for ‘each’, or ‘USA’ for ‘United States of America’. Suppose it were possible to utilize technology to take these (and far more) keyed in abbreviations and convert them to their corresponding expanded text. In the process you will have greatly reduced the number of keystrokes required to produce a far greater level of output. Then, regardless of your current typing speed or dexterity your productivity would be increased commensurately. (200 keypresses might output 450 letters of text for sake of argument) Not to mention the fact that the number of typing (spelling) errors made and requiring correction would be reduced in kind.

This type of software solution will facilitate both the reduction of the incidence and effect of typing related repetitive motion injuries and the return to a competitive level of productivity with far less effort for those already suffering the effects of Carpal Tunnel.

Some examples may help to clarify.

Type . Output ............... Savings

tt ..... that ...................... 50%
ts .... this ...................... 50%
nf .... information ......... 82%
ub ... unbelievable ....... 83%
wu ... would .................. 50%
wuu . would you .............. 66%
naoi . in and of itself ....... 75%

Stay tuned for JAKE (Joined Abbreviation Keyboard Entries)


I tried this product almost a year ago and did a review on it, recording my results during the 6 week "recommended" period of use. it's a load of garbage and please no one spend your hard earned money on this product that does nothing for us poor sufferers of RSI and Carpal Tunnel.

If you have RSI and Carpal Tunnel you well know that the problem isn't in the hands, thats just where the pain is, the problem can be caused by many other things. read up on this website and you'll see!


I was very reluctant to spend around $80 for these strips. I thought, if they helped, it would be worth the inflated price. Then I saw the word "guaranteed." I thought, "What have I got to lose?" So I purchased them and used them continuously for the recommended 6 weeks. They did absolutely nothing for me. So, about that guarantee...I lost my $80. Reason was that I was supposed to have returned the the unused strips in 3 weeks. But remember, the recommended usage is 6 weeks. Supposedly the return instructions were in the word "guaranteed." You must click on the word "guaranteed." I did not click on the word. There was no indication to do so. My credit card company did not bail me out either. They said the instructions were there, so they could not do anything for me. (She did confide that they didn't want you to see them, but they were there.)


I didn't buy it (I'm with you...with all the stuff that doesn't work, who has the money to throw away on a product that's not reusable?). I had to do something, though, and it seemed legit. The 'Y' in finger-spelling that a physical therapist had shown me felt very good, and it's the same principle.

I took latex exam gloves and surgical tape and made my own every night for a few weeks. Now I'm alternating nights as suggested, using a muscle cream on the other nights, and doing hand/wrist/arm exercises. All together, I am doing much better--and was seeing relief with just the 'palm stretch gloves', as I call my homemade version, alone. I am sure what they sell is slightly more effective, but I've seen enough results on my own to just continue making them myself. ;)


Wow, Im glad I found this information. I will definitly not be throwing my money away on this device. Ice cold water hand soaks seem to give some relief to the swelling and afterwards I seem to have more flexibilty.
But I cannot make a fist with either of my hands upon awakening in the morning and it's extremely upsetting.


Alguna otra opinion? Me interesa el tema!


If you looked up the order number for Carpal Solution 800-798-5210 on BBB website, you would find it belongs to a company named First Hand Medical, 3434 East 7800 South # 328, Salt Lake City, UT 84121-5803. BBB gives an 'F' rating to this company.


Wrong one I think Jack: check this one out: http://www.bbb.org/boston/business-reviews/health-maintenance-organizations/first-hand-medical-llc-in-burlington-ma-2733/ Not that it really settles anything.


They worked for me, although it wasn't a permanant cure. I'd say if you can afford to chance $28.50 for the first package then go for it, and if they help it's probably worth buying more/and or doing the full treatment.
It's cheaper than trigger point injections or surgery, which are my other options.

Nitrile Gloves

I had come to know of carpal tunnel syndrome when I actually suffered from it. However I have got relief with proper medication.


I am nearing the end of my first six week treatment of Carpul Solution, initially my pain actually increased, after three days I was back to getting six uninterrupted hours of sleep. Would wake up with a small amount of pain at normal wake up time, but definately greatly reduced, I would say by 90%. However, now that I am on the part of the plan that requires only wearing the devices every other night, I am finding my pain and needles feelings increasing with interrupted sleep again. I think I will go back to wearing them for the most part nightly depending on how hard I work my hands each day. I am an aircraft mechanic and use my hands pretty hard most days, but even things like peeling potatoes for dinner in the kitchen kills me. The weeks of good sleep I have gotten as well as reduced problems with my hands during the day have been worth every penny. At any rate, these have been just what I needed as I am opposed to taking medication and am definately not interested in getting cut on. I have tried many other methods and this is the only thing that has worked for me. I agree with another commenter that if you can afford it, go for it, give it a try, if both hands are troublesome $160.00 is not going to break the bank for a good nights sleep. Anyone that would thinks a money back promise, from any company, is worth counting on these days should think twice, it is about as likely as our new health insurance laws are to help us average people. So don't plan on it or kid yourself if these do not work for you. But for me they are working great, better than the alternative of getting an operation and having six weeks or more or down time. I'm going back to order more as after I type this, only have 8 days of treatment left


This information has been helpful. I think everyone is different and reacts differently. After reading Doug's post, I think I'll give it a try, it just might work for me or maybe not. There is no guarantee and surgery is not an option for me right now.


I tried The Carpal Solution for the six week period with no noticable relief. Like another review mentioned, there is a money back guarantee if returned within 30 days, but treatment period is 6 weeks, so I held out hope that there would be some relief within the 6 weeks. Nope. Don't waste your money.


I have recently been using software called "Dragon Naturally Speaking" from Nuance. It required several days of "training" the software in order for it to become accurate enough, however, now that it is trained, it is unbelievably accurate. You can speak quickly enough using the software that it will get you about 90 to 100 words per minute. For this comment I just made I only had to correct it once because of the numbers I used (it thought that TO was 2). You can even control the mouse cursor although that is a little bit clumsy.

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