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With all this info out here on ergo products, I've been trying to weed through all this but could someone (the author here) PLEASE recommend his/her BEST recommendation as far as 1.ergo mouse/keyboard 2. ergo chair 3. ergo desk (I'm hesitant to say workstation since I'm a student. I need a lot of space.) This is what I can spend in each area:
Mouse/keyboard- $500
Chair- $1200
Desk- $1000
Other necessary things (desk lamp for proper lighting, etc.)- $500
Please help me!! I've been searching for hours and I have found a lot of interesting things. However I'm just so confused. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

P.S.- If you wish to send me an e-mail, let me know ahead of time so I can put you on my exclusive list.


Good comment, Tony. I made a list of the stuff I use; maybe that will help!

(Click on my name in the footer for the link, or I also put it under Site Information: My Ergonomic EQ)

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