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Amy Pedersen

I just found your site when searching for ergonomic information and blogs about ergonomics and was very impressed. You keep your site up to date, with new material and helpful links and ergo stuff. Just wanted to let you know what a great site you have. I would also like to link to your blog through my own ergonomics blog, let me know if I can place a link on my site to yours to send people to you for more information on alternative ways to combat carpal tunnel syndrome. Thanks for the great info.
Amy Pedersen


how actually i needed some information about ergonomic, and when i seached your site ,i got all my neccessary infomation, so thnk you.


Hi, it's a wonderful site on Ergonomics.

I am a graduate student and am looking for some data on ergonomics in railway compartments. I would be really glad if you can help me out.

Ergonomic Stools

I wish my company would get with the century and get us all ergonomic furniture. I wouldn't want RSI to be on my company's hands, I wonder if they have ever heard of workers comp?

Kneeling Chair Reviews

The Kinesis contoured keyboard is awesome. I'm the only one on my block with one, but when you work from home, it is necessary!

Ergonomic Keyboard

I'm amazed to see the many resources on ergonomic products. I'm equally impressed that more and more people are now taking the initiative to buy ergonomic keyboards, mouse, etc. This is an era of "ergonomics made easy", a period when people are more aware of the strain of computers and other hardware may have on the human body.

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