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Les Rodgers

I have lived with intermittent lower back pain for over 30 years. It usually responds well to several sessions with ostepaths or chiropractors and I can then be fully mobile for months or years. This is an excellent resource, very informative and helpful.


hi. i like your blog! i'm big into ergonomics and came across it doing research. i see others have suggested other sites for info on back pain causes, muscle strain, exercises, etc., and i'd like to offer a few i use in my research: the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, emedicinehealth, MedlinePlus thru the Natl Institutes of Health (Federal) and the Natl Inst of Neurological disorders and stroke (Federal). They're very informative and provide the facts.

I have an informational blog on back pain that i started because I'm a prior chronic back pain sufferer, so I also try to help others by informing them.

Thanks, and i look forward to being in touch with you :)



sorry, i'd forgotten to tell you that i've bookmarked your blog. :) ur welcome to visit mine, as well and leave a comment. take care.

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