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Ramien Rosillo


Any suggestion or information related with monitors size?, I mean I need to justify purchaising bigger monitors for office, but I wasn´t able to find precise information about it.

Which are the advantages of bigger monitors?, are those only mor confortable for eye, of have they others benefits?


with a larger computer moniter, you would need to sit farther back from the screan. If you sit very close to a large computer screan, you could end up with neck and eye pains. Maybe you should explain your situation to a specialist at a computer store... i reccomend Future shop!
good luck
Leslie, 14, Ottawa

bob gould

I have a hp pavilion computer can I buy any lcd flat screan monitor ? any special hook up ?
as you can see I'm new at this


I definitely prefer a bigger monitor, but I'm not sure it's really needed unless you work with graphics stuff. Size aside, either an LCD or CRT monitor with a flat screen are helpful for the eyes though because it reduces glare (I think I'd have to have my monitor facing the window on a sunny day to get a reflection on it).

Oh, and Bob, they plug in just like regular monitors, so it shouldn't be a problem for you to get one set up. :)

Arthur Blake

I've recently purchased an LCD monitor, 2 times and in both cases, I ended up having to return them, due to incredible eyestrain and headaches they were causing-- this was only relieved by returning back to a conventional CRT. I found an article on what may be the cause here: http://cloanto.com/users/mcb/19960719lcd.html

It's a huge disappointment and seems to be contrary to what everyone else is saying. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Arthur, thanks for sharing the link to that article. Very interesting. It sounds like its rare for people to be troubled by LCD monitors, but the author makes a good case for reasons why they could be a problem. Are you unable to use laptops without discomfort, too?

Arthur Blake

I don't seem to recall ever having this problem with a laptop, although I don't use laptops nearly as much. My computer at home and at work are both desktops with conventional CRT's. I am a software developer so I use the pretty much computer all day long.


Yeah, that can make it tough when you are staring at the computer all day. I guess the best alternative to an LCD monitor would be a CRT with a flat screen if you're not already using one. That ought to be similar for reducing glare.


I find I get dizzy and strained eyes with LCDs. I am going to try the suggestion of a light in front. This in fact seems better already. Perhaps inadequate shading of lcd causes some problems

suresh masuti

LCD's really cause lot of discomfort, eye strain and discomfort than CRT's.


Yes you are rite ..!! LCD is better then CRT's... LCD give us a k0ol and amazing result than CRT.. and also LCD saved over electricity..!!


I recently bought a 26" Vizio LCD that had tons of rave reviews. In the store it looked fantastic and when I first set it up at home I was amazed, but after less than 2 minutes I began to squint and I couldn't understand why. I changed the resolutions, font sizes, brightness, contrast, everything. I literally spent 5 hours tweaking things, but NOTHING helped. Now I read that most(if not all) LCD's are lit much like fluorescent lights, in that they FLICKER. Good thing I didn't sell my Sony G520 yet - I am at 100Hz refresh rate and my eyes are once again at ease. I then went shopping for other LCD's and after sitting/standing in front of them for more than 5 minutes my eyes always strain. IMO the current LCD technology SUCKS.

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