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Brig lady

I purchased Rocket Mouses (MICE?) for all the laptop users in my office several years ago (6) to use while traveling to reduce the "required to operate" footprint on a plane. Then we started using them in the office too. Then I bought one for the house and got my husband hooked.
My sore wrist healed as did those of a couple other dedicated users. I readily recommend this tool for wrist relief, ease of use, and convenience too.

linda westgerdes

i loved my rocket mouse, but it broke & i can't seem to find them online or anywhere else. maybe i'm not looking hard enough, but sure do want another 1!

Jim Dietzel

Linda- You can find another "Rocket Mouse" here: http://www.ergotouch.com/product.cfm?ProductID=2 . Seems the company did a little re-branding...it's now the ErgoMouse V1.

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