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I need some help! When my windows updated, it started installing IE 7 and said it could not complete its install until I restarted. I chose to restart later and it gave me a message warning me some things may not be installed properly or something like that and I still choose to restart later. I kept getting a message automatic updates were complete with other promptings to restart now or later, so I went into add or remove hardware and removed the IE 7 install. When ever I finally restarted my computer, my dragon NaturallySpeaking commands are not working properly. Example, "page down" "press enter key" and other commands are no longer registering. Also, while using MSN messenger, if I say "file" it no longer opens the window, only my cursor goes to file and if I try using the command "mouseclick", nothing happens. It will not open the window. I think it should be mentioned that when all of these things were prompting me, I was using NaturallySpeaking at the time, as in I did not have the application closed. I have already uninstalled Dragon and reinstalled it, but nothing changed. I don't know what to do now to get it fixed. Can someone please help me.

And I'm going to go ahead and add this... I use this software as a way of life. I am a quadriplegic that depends on these commands to use the computer. Any and all help is definitely appreciated.



You could try posting on the http://support.lhsl.com/databases/dragon/webdisc.nsf forums (that is ScanSoft--Dragon's--support forum).

Also http://www.techsupportforum.com/microsoft-support/internet-explorer-forum/ is a forum for Internet Explorer issues.

I'm not a techy enough person to know what to suggest other than reinstalling Windows and starting all over. :(

You could also try switching to Firefox or another browser (if supported by Dragon), though it sounds like the damage has already been done.

Anyway, I'm sure someone on those forums will be able to help more than me. Good luck!

Account Deleted

Hello Natelie, Me name is Sid and i have been using currently using Dragon Speach recongnition software for over a couple of years now. To be frank i had also not been very tech friendly before but then i came across my associate Empower, these guys are into Dragon training that includes various infomative video tutorials and the best part is that it is accessible 27/7. PLUS the trainer who has prepared the whole training program have been using and helping people with thier queries about Dragon over 12 years. It was certainly a great learning experience for me thus i wanted to share with you.

If you wish to gain more info on it then i shall try and get you a nice demo.

I hope this piece of info would help.


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